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Our History

Building High-Performance Skills and Game Sense

Founded in 200X, Impact Hockey Development (IHD) is co-owned and operated by Tim Preston, an experienced hockey consultant and trainer who has become well known throughout the amateur and professional hockey community for his unique teaching methods and philosophies.

In addition to improving speed, agility, quickness, strength and power, Tim’s IHD hockey development and training programs were specifically designed to help players connect technical skills with actual game scenarios. This complete teaching model helps players to understand and visualize the game at a whole new level.

By increasing this awareness, players are able to play the game more intuitively — a skill that separates a good hockey player from a great one. Please visit the IHD Programs page to learn more about our multi-level, multi-age training programs.

I'm grateful to have the chance to work with players of all ages and levels of ability. As a development coach, the greatest reward for me is working hard with a student to achieve a goal — big or small — and then being able to celebrate that success with the player when he or she finally achieves it
~ Tim Preston
Co-Founder and Head On-Ice Instructor
Impact Hockey Development

Our Trainers

Co-Founder and Head On-Ice Instructor
Impact Hockey Development

Co-Founder, Strength and Conditioning Coach

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On Ice Development Coach and Off Ice Dryland Trainer

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